Only You..


Only you can make me smile in the pouring rain
And you can take the hurt right out of my pain
I know I can try to fill the space inside
With somebody else but there’s no use

But only you, only you….
Only you can make it better
Pull me back together
Come on baby let’s be real
Only you, only you….

A Breakfast Combo – Combat Sleeves in steel blue
Luck Inc. Bish Gloves
Sakide Appeal Boots
[pf] Bubblegum
RYCA Cuff Bangles Plated Gold
ESQ, Manilla Clutch
[whatever] Good Ring
Hair – Vanity Hair – Wasted Kisses – new!
FnH Punk Skirt in black
7891 Kill Ring
B L E U Asa’s Flow Necklace

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