Remember Me..

I guess it wasn’t enough
To give you everything, no no
And I guess I should have know better
How could I be so naïve
I don’t know,
So empty what you can say
Take a minute please
It’s too little too late
To make it up to me
I hope that those tears refresh your memory
Now when you’re all alone at night..

RO – Diable Band (group gift)
Letis Tattoo – The Time (with appliers) 50%
Utopiah – Queen of Darkness – eyeliner only
:FY: Toeless Socks in white (for slink Mesh Feet) at SLFW
Slink Mesh Feet
:FY: Lacey Mini Bish Gloves (mesh)
Pretty Liar – Trisha Halter in milk (with applier)
skin – al vulo
Pink Acid Beauty Freckles Beauty Mark Mole and Blush

Truth Hair – Lyma

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