A Song For Us..



Just like birds, uplifted by the wind
With these words, we breathe new life again.
We’re both together in these unpredictable weather patterns.
It’s not forever, so let go of stories that don’t matter.
And if you’re hurting, don’t try to hide from me your welling eyes.

‘Cause only light can color the rain
And only time can wash away the pain.
And no goodbye could ever tear this one into two.
Only love can come between I and you.

I understand what silence does, it keeps a man from saying too much.
I trust in something bigger than us, and what I say is true
Because there’s only one way that I see you.

ISON – Geometric Corset in black
Peqe Slits Skirt for Main Event
Hair – DeLa Marinel
skin – al vulo
Leonard – Sleeping Beauty Headband
[PF] Glossy Lipstick
RYCA Cuff Bangles Plated Gold here

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