All The Way..



I know you hold back but just let it go,
‘Cause I just won’t stand to watch you walk alone,
Don’t be afraid, you’re not on your own
As long as you know we’ll be alright..

When I love someone, I’m loving all the way
You know I’m the one to take you all the way..

LEONARD – Fiore Hat in grey – new!
LEONARD – Vintage Safety Necklace – new!
(milk motion) Carved Leather Bomber in grey
(yummy) Mom Shades 2.0
(yummy) Guardian Charms in silver
Indented Pointe {v5} High Waist Jeans
Utopiah Drops of Lace Tattoo and Fingerless Gloves
HANDverk Gunmetal Grey Triangle Earrings
Maitreya Devi Boots in black
COCORONI – Kiss Me Bag in mint – gacha – Kustom 9 – new!
Hair – Exile Quiet Afterthought
Coepio Open Bra – new!

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