Float Away..




Hair – .Entwined. Linette – The Secret Affair – ends May 31st!
Dead Dollz – Dune Bikini Top and Bottom – Black – Uber – new!
Dead Dollz – Dune Beach Robe – Uber – new!
Dust Bunny – Beach Bag – My Summer Retreat Gacha
(Yummy) Summer Shades – texture change
ChiMia – Chic Beach Hat

.:revival:. lounge boat

Sway’s [Pohoda] Wicker Chair . pillows
Sari-Sari – Twig Table linked
Sway’s [Pohoda] Wicker Chair . blanket
Apple Fall Floating Pontoon

Secret Body – Shine Pose (sitting on chair)
Secret Body – Unspoken Words Pose (sitting on boat)

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